Theater Mode

Up-to-date information about the Theater Mode that will be featured in Black Ops 2. All of this information is from the 27th of September 2012.

Firstly: All features from the previous game will be returning, including the Dolly Cam. What this page will be focusing on is the new features:

New Features

A list of the new features that will be apart of the Theater Mode in Black Ops 2:


You will be able to bookmark your gameplays so that you can find them at a later date. In the previous games, if you got a good score or something funny happened, you were forced to leave the lobby and edit it straight away, lest it got lost among a bunch of other gameplays. Sometimes, it was like looking for a needle in a haystack. With the bookmarking tool, you'll be able to set aside your gameplays so that you can edit them later on.

Meta Data

More meta data will be added to videos. This includes score, kills, deaths, time etc. Basically, meta data is anything that describes the game. You'll also be happy to hear that captures and defends have been added.

Upvotes / Downvotes

The community will now be able to upvote and downvote videos that they come across. This (hopefully) means that good videos will rise to the top and be easier to find, whereas bad content will float around the bottom of the barrel. This is reffered to as the "Community Filter" - i.e. it filters out the crap.

Highlight Reel

The Highlight Reel feature will take your gameplay and automatically turn it into a montage of your best moments. My guess is that this feature will look for the moments where you managed to string the most kills together. It'll also probably focus on you successfully completing objectives. Settings for the Highlight Reel can be changed so that you can limit the type of content that is edited in.


CoDCast will allow parties to watch Theater videos together. The CoDCast feature was primarily made for the benefit of eSports (MLG etc), where commentators can watch each player from a first person view and toggle different views. Integrated into this is a live streaming feature.


You can now use 20 segments in a rendered video. In the previous game, you could only "glue" 10 different clips together. Now, you'll be able to use 20. If that's not enough to excite you: Clips that have already been rendered can now be merged and edited together.

Attach to Object

This feature will make montage makers cream their pants. This will allow you to attach the camera to moving objects such as RPG rockets.


  1. wow looks like COD is making a bag come back im thinking the zombies is what everybody is after though or just a new way to trash your freinds at a close in counter with a p90 anyways im exited to see what happens in the story mode though playing as (im gussing) samsons son is going to be a real brain tease.................. btw when are the shirts coming out

  2. i hope we can load longer videos, because in black ops i had very good videos that were long.also are we able to shoot while dolphin diving?

  3. yes we can shoot while dolphin diving

  4. yep. it sure made me cream my pants, alright. attatching the camera to a tomahawk or combat axe or whatever would be sweet!

  5. i can't watch theater mode in bo 2 it just keeps loading

  6. Can i Share my videos on facebook ?

  7. tehehehehehehehehehe yo tehe can teheh can record up 2 tehe minutes long!!!!! troooooooooooooooooooooll! but you can seriously could!

  8. Treyarch are so failing with this shit. For several times i can play more than 2 hours + and they dont record one single game in theater. I hoped theater would be fixed after those mistakes they did back in BO(1) but clearly they have just made it worse.

  9. i swear to god theater is pissing me off t(-_-)t i always get these big ass killfeeds quickscoping and it save the match AT ALL ... BULLSHIT

  10. Every time in theater mode when sharing a film with party its seems to always freeze a minute before the end what's the deal with that cant we just get one game with decent theater capabilities call of duty ghosts dont let me down im begging you