Sniper Rifles

This is a list of the Sniper Rifles that will appear in Black Ops 2. NOTE: These are the only ones that have been confirmed so far. All of this info came from the gameplay footage from Gamescom:


The DSR-50 first appeared in the multiplayer reveal. This is a bolt-action sniper rifle that is described as being "anti-material". This particular weapon was developed by DSR-Precision in Germany.

DSR 50


The SVU-AS is Russian in origin and it's design is mainly based on the Dragunov SVD. Apparently, the "SVU project" began back in the 1970s when the Russian's decided that they wanted a compact sniper rifle for it's airborne division. In-game, it acts as a semi-automatic and it seems to handle just like Dragunov did back in the previous Black Ops game. Technical details include "gas operated" and "rotating bolt" design. As you see, it looks pretty lightweight:

SVU-AS Black Ops 2


The Ballista also appeared in the multiplayer reveal as well as some of the gameplay footage that was uploaded on Youtube a few days later. The remarkable thing about this sniper rifle is that you don't need to use a scope on it. You can use the iron sights and still have a weapon that is capable of a one shot kill. In one piece of footage, a guy was using the Ballista with a red laser beam on it. In real life, it's referred to as the FNH Ballista; a "multi-caliber and modular behemoth" that boasts a "suppressed .338 system".