All up-to-date information relating to the multiplayer maps that will be featured in Call of Duty Black Ops 2.

Nuketown 2025

Nuketown 2025 will be a futuristic version of the original Nuketown map that featured in the previous Black Ops game. This will be a downloadable bonus map for those who pre-ordered the game. Currently, it's not clear whether or not players can purchase the map at a later date.


Turbine is one of the maps that was shown in the multiplayer reveal trailer. Reddit user zamzarvideo stitched a layout of Turbine together using various screenshots of the minimap:


As you can see, it's pretty large and it seems to have a lot of mounds/upstanding rocks, similar to those found on the beach in Crisis in the original Black Ops. If you recall correctly, this one has a downed passenger jet, which the player can climb and run across. It's referred to as Turbine because it's set in a coastal region that has a lot of wind turbines surrounding it:


Here's a screenshot that shows the type of landscape the map has:

plane black ops 2


Aftermath is another map that was shown in the multiplayer reveal trailer. As opposed to Turbine, which seems to have little cover from enemy air support, Aftermath looks like it has a number of bombed and collapsed buildings that the player can enter. This one is set in an urban area in Los Angeles that has just been attacked:

aftermath black ops 2

Here you can see the devastation that LA has suffered:


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