Here is a list of all the killstreaks that will appear in Black Ops 2. They've all been ranked and ordered by the amount of points that you need in order to get them (yep, it's no longer just about kills anymore).

NamePoints Needed

The RCXD is a small remote-controlled car that can be detonated by the player. The resulting explosion can be pretty powerful.

The UAV is a killstreak that plots the position of enemy players on your minimap.
Hunter Killer400

The Hunter Killer is a new one. It's basically an unmanned airborne drone that seeks out an enemy player and attempts to kill/him. Think of it as an AI-controlled Predator Missile.
Care Package450

The Care Package is returning. These are air-dropped packages that contain a random killstreak (and sometimes, ammo).
Counter UAV475

The Counter UAV will disable the enemy team's minimap / radar for a set amount of time. Often used to counteract enemy UAVs.

The Guardian Turret can be placed down on the ground and pointed towards enemy players. This turret will project microwaves at anyone in front of it, blinding them and impairing their movement. This was seen in the multiplayer reveal trailer.
Hellstorm Missile525

The Hellstorm Missile is basically an air-to-surface cluster bomb that is dropped onto a general location. The missile will fall from the sky and then break apart into multiple cluster bombs, which then blanket the area in question with a lot of explosive power.
Lightning Strike550

The Lightning Strike is kind of like a futuristic version of the Mortar team found in the previous Black Ops game. This killstreak allows you to pinpoint three locations on the map and have them bombed.
Death Machine600

The Death Machine (nice name, eh?) is a large mini-gun similar to the one that featured in the previous Treyarch game. Can be pretty powerful; but you use it at the expense of your movement speed.
Sentry Gun650

This has appeared in previous Call of Duty games. This is an AI-operated turret that automatically fires upon enemy players. The Sentry Gun will point in one direction and scan the scene for enemies. Can be destroyed pretty instantly if it's knifed, which means that you have to be careful about where you place it.
War Machine700

The War Machine isn't just a grenade launcher. It's a SEMI AUTOMATIC grenade launcher that will help you relive the good old days of Ground War on MW2.

The Dragonfire is a player-controlled killstreak that hovers in the air. An SMG/AR is attached to the bottom of it, which allows the player to fire upon enemy players. Kind of surprised to see this as a 725 scorestreak because it looks incredibly easy to take down.

The AGR is a bi-pedal robot that has guns / cannons attached to it. This thing will rip through other players like a hot knife through butter. This particular one is air-dropped to your location, so keep that in mind if you decide to select it. Although this can be remote controlled, there have been a number of people saying that it can also work on its own AI and search the map for enemies.
Stealth Chopper850

This is basically an attack chopper that does not show up on the enemy's radar. This will automatically roam a section of the map and shoot at other players.
Orbital VSAT900

The Orbital VSAT in Black Ops 2 works much like the Blackbird did. This will show the position of enemies on the map and it will also show you what direction they are headed in. Note that this cannot be shot down.
Escort Drone1000

The Escort Drone is kind of like the AH-6 Overwatch. This is an AI-controlled drone that follows you around the map while trying to protect you.

The Warthog killstreak is a hovering jet aircraft that makes several swoops across the map while taking shots at enemy players.
EMP Systems1050

An EMP doesn't hurt enemy players. Instead, it takes down all enemy killstreaks and equipment. It also disables the other team's minimap / radar. It's worth noting that an EMP will only work for a set amount of time, after which, the game will return to normal.

The Lodestar can be compared to the Reaper. This allows you to guide surface to air missiles with a laser pointer.
VTOL Warship1200

Haven't heard of much information about the VTOL Warship, only that you get to pilot a large warship (duh!!) and shoot the crap out of everybody. Maybe it's just a futuristic version of the Chopper Gunner?
Canine Unit1275

The Canine / K9 Unit is a pack of vicious dogs that will run around the map for about a minute or so and hunt down enemy players. These can rack you up a lot of kills in quick succession. This has been a top-level killstreak in the last two Treyarch games.

We got to see the Swarm in action in the multiplayer reveal trailer. Basically, the Swarm is a bunch of Hunter Killer drones that will circle around in the sky and automatically attack enemy players on sight. My guess is that this is going to be extremely powerful (think of multiple Predator Missiles falling from the sky).

Below are some in-game pictures / screenshots:


It looks as if the Dragonfire will be a controllable killstreak in the next Black Ops game. This is a remote-controlled drone (aka the Quadrotor) that fires an SMG/Assault Rifle. i.e. It's not too powerful. It was shown during the multiplayer reveal and it looks as if it is pretty easy to take down. My guess is that it's a 5 killstreak. Or maybe it'll be a 3 killstreak like the RC Car.

It's probably worth noting that you can take it down with a single anti-air missile from your FHJ 18. A few bullets from your gun with also take it down. Here's a screenshot that shows you what it's like to pilot one of them.

dragonfire black ops 2

As you can see, they hover and they're pretty futuristic looking:

dragon fire

Avenger / Predator C

After the Call of Duty website released a teaser image showing the shape of a plane, a few guys figured out that the plane in question was actually the Predator C / Avenger. The Predator C (now known as the General Atomics Avenger), is an unmanned combat drone.


During the multi reveal, we were shown a scene where the sky was full of drones / jets. Some have referred to it as a "drone swarm". Shortly afterwards, the player is killed by a precise airstrike. Not sure if these are manned or unmanned. Doesn't look like there's much you can do to defend against this killstreak:

Attack Dogs

YES! It looks as if the Attack Dogs will be returning. In the previous game, they were an 11 killstreak. They're basically a bunch of angry/hungry/vicious dogs that hunt down enemy opponents for about a minute. Have a look at the screenshot below. The top one is the clearly an emblem / icon of a dog's head:

attack dogs black ops 2

Edit: Since this was posted, the return of the dogs killstreak has been confirmed. They are now referred to as a "K9 Unit". Here's a screenshot of two K9 Unit dogs charging at the player:

Care Package

Probably not a huge surprise to see the care package returning. It's been in every Call of Duty game since MW2! In Black Ops 2, they look more "boxier".

care package


The AGR is a new one. It arrives in a care package / large box and can be controlled by the player. It looks like something out of Robocop and it definitely packs a punch as the guy using it effortlessly tears down enemy opponents. I'm guessing that the A.G.R will be pretty difficult to get.

AGR blops 2

The AGR is basically a bi-pedal robot with huge cannons / guns attached to it. Here's a screenshot of what it looks like to use it and cut through enemies like butter:

AGR killstreak

Guardian Turret

The Guardian Turret can be placed down in front of enemy players. It blinds their vision/stuns them and stops them from being able to move. It looks as if it fires electromagnetic waves / microwave energy at anything in front of it, which seems to burn them or distort their vision. By the looks of its position in the bottom right corner, it's not a difficult one to earn. Getting kills while using the Guardian Turret will result in the words "Guardian Suppress" popping up on your screen.

Here's the effect that it has on players. As you can see, he's putting his arms up in front of his face, so it's definitely some sort of inhibiting killstreak:


Lightning Strike

This is one that I haven't seen too many people pick up on. On the left side of the screen, you can see the message "Lightning Strike incoming", which is typically a sign that something has been called in. I wonder how such a strike would work. Will it act like those mini shock charges that you can throw at players? Will it electrocute everyone in a certain radius to death?

Lightning Strike


Yep! It's back. During one of the gameplay videos from Gamescom, you could clearly hear the commentator saying "Hostile RC XD in your AO". Not sure how I feel about that one. Those things were incredibly annoying. Hopefully, it'll be a 5 killstreak or something.


The UAV will be returning in Black Ops 2 (not a surprise, to be honest - it's been in nearly every single COD game). This was officially called "the Spy Plane" in the previous Treyarch game. During some of the Gamescom footage, you could hear the commentator informing the player that there was an enemy UAV "in the air".

Information that came from a supposed Black Ops 2 leak is shown below. Some of the information contained in the leak has been proven to be incorrect, so please take all of it with a huge pinch of salt, as none of it is official. i.e. the killstreak information below can't be verified.

It's best to put all of the killstreak information in question form at this stage:

Will the MOAB be in Black Ops 2?

According to the leak that came out last month, the MOAB will not be returning. Nor will the Nuke from MW2. Maybe Treyarch consider it to be unbalanced or maybe they feel as if it doesn't fit into their game?

Will pointstreaks return?

Apparently, pointstreaks WILL be returning in Black Ops 2. These were first introduced in MW3. Basically, whenever you capture a flag or carry out an objective, a point is added to your killstreak.

Will Specialist be returning?

The Specialist strike package allows you to earn perks instead of killstreaks. If we're to believe last month's leak, then yes; it will be featured in Black Ops 2. However, it will probably be a bit different. After 8 kills, you won't be unlocking all perks. Instead, it will work like this:

  • After 2 kills, you will earn one perk.
  • When you reach 4 kills, you will be given two perks.
  • After you've managed to get 6 kills in a row, you'll be awarded three extra perks.
  • Once you you've hit the coveted 8 killstreak in Specialist, you'll earn an extra four perks.

Basically, this means that you won't be able to earn every single perk. Instead, you'll only be given 10 at the most.

Will the RC XD be in Black Ops 2?

EDIT: Based on the Gamescom gameplay videos, it will be returning. Disregard the following information as it is obviously incorrect. Apparently, the RC XD will NOT be returning. The RC XD was a remote control car that could be traversed around the map and then detonated when it was close to an enemy player. Most people found the killstreak to be particularly annoying because of how common they were. The RC XD could be earned as a 3 killstreak (or a 2 killstreak if the player had Hardline on).

Heat Vision killstreak

This is a new one. If we're to believe last month's leak, then a new killstreak called Heat Vision will be introduced in Black Ops 2. After earning "Heat Vision", your player will take out a weapon attachment and add it to his weapon. This will allow you to see other players through walls whenever you're looking down your sights. My guess is that Ghost will probably counter this killstreak. Also - it can't be attached to Shotguns. Only certain primary weapons.

Item Packages

Item Packages will kind of be like Care Packages. This killstreak will be an airdrop that delivers ammo, a minigun, a grenade launcher, a rocket launcher or some body armor. If the leak is correct, this Item Package will be dropped alongside Care Packages.

Will there be Deathstreaks in Black Ops 2?

No. Deathstreaks will not be returning.