Class Setup

It looks as if Treyarch have decided to revamp the entire class system for Black Ops 2. During the multiplayer reveal trailer, we were treated to several screenshots of class setups. Here are some valuable pieces of information that the COD community has been able to glean from the aforementioned screenshots:

20 Slots
Black Ops 2 will have 20 class slots. These are broken down into:

  • 1 Primary Weapon
  • 3 Primary Weapon Attachments
  • 1 Secondary Weapon
  • 2 Secondary Weapon Attachments
  • 6 Perks
  • 1 Lethal Grenade / Equipment
  • 2 Tactical Grenade / Equipment
  • 3 Wildcards.
Out of these 20 slots, you can only choose 10 items. This means that the create a class feature will be far more varied and flexible than it was before.


One screenshot highlights just how flexible the create a class system will be. On a class called MostlyUseMeBlad, you can see that the player hasn't selected a primary weapon. Instead, he's using a pistol as a secondary and six perks:


At the bottom of the class setup screen, you can also see the 3 "mysterious" slots that were mentioned above. It is now known that these slots will contain 3 Wildcards that will allow you to "bend the rules" a little. For example, one of them allows you to pick 3 attachments for your primary weapon.

Here's another class setup called "ShotgunSark":

shotgun sark