Here is a list of confirmed weapons and guns that will be featured in the Black Ops 2 multiplayer. All of this information has come from the gameplay shown at E3, the footage at Gamescom and from the official COD trailers. I've broken them up in their relevant categories for easier viewing:


POW 57

I did some searching about and couldn't find anything relating to the POW-57. Judging by how fast the player can run with it; and it's smallish size, I think it's safe to assume that it will be an SMG. Also note that it's an automatic that can be equipped with a futuristic red dot sight.

LSAT w/ Hybrid Optic Sight

Not only do we know that the LSAT will be returning; will also know that the Hybrid scope is back. The LSAT is an LMG that was also shown in the single player footage.

Chicom CQB


The Chicom CQB was another weapon that appeared in the single player footage. It's an SMG. CQB stands for Close Quarters Combat.


FHJ 18

This is a lock-on anti-air gun that can be used to take down enemy killstreaks. Sounds kind of like the LAW.


The AN-94 will be an automatic Assault Rifle in Black Ops 2. This "advanced assault rifle" has been in service since 1997. Originating from Russia, AN stands for Avtomat Nikonova.

Assault / Riot Shield

It looks as if that screenshot that was leaked ages ago was real. Assault Shields will be appearing the in the multiplayer. Difference is; you'll actually be able to place them on the ground. If you scroll down the page, you'll see the screenshot in question.

AN-94 with Assault Shield

Oh and guess what? Once you put your shield on the ground, you'll be able to use it as cover and fire a weapon through it. In the picture above, the player is actually firing his AN-94 through a hole in his Assault / Riot Shield.

Raging Judge

raging judge black ops 2

The Raging Judge is a gigantic Magnum pistol (seriously, it's huge in real life). According to real life reviews, this gun is heavy and large and can take down almost anything.

Combat Knife

combat knife

Here, we can see the player running around with what is called a "Combat Knife". It seems as if you will actually have to take this baby out if you plan on knifing people. Could this be the end of the infamous panic knife?



The Tomahawk is back, and this time it has a sleek futuristic design! This also appeared in the previous Black Ops game.

OSR 50

OSR 50

This is a sniper rifle. Couldn't find any real-life information on a weapon called the OSR 50, so I'm not actually sure whether it's a bolt action or a semi-automatic. Judging by the way the gun cocked back after he fired, I'd guess that it's a bolt action.


Ballista Shotgun

This is the FNH Ballista sniper rifle. The interesting thing about this particular screenshot is that it shows how you can use the iron sights instead of a scope. The real life version of the FNH Ballista is made up of many components that are made with advanced polymers that are lighter than plastic but stronger than steel.



The M1216 is a shotgun that has appeared in previous multiplayer games (not in Call of Duty). Notice the fact that a red laser beam seems to be attached to it. Also, in the reveal, it looked as if it was an automatic.



C4 is back. That shouldn't be a surprise to any COD players at this stage! In case you didn't already know, C4 in Black Ops can be thrown and then detonated via a remote switch.

M8A1 Select Fire

This was shown in the multi as a burst-fire / selective fire weapon.

The XM8 (aka M8A1) was developed by Heckler and Koch. Designed with the intention of being a lightweight assault rifle, it boasts selective fire and 5.56mm rounds. Also well known for being able to withstand rugged conditions (artic etc).

XM8 m8a1

One thing you'll notice later on in the multi reveal is that the player is prompted to pick up a M8A1 w/ Reflex Sight off the ground.



This one is obvious. It's the M16, a weapon that has featured in the last 3 Call of Duty games. This rifle began its operations in Vietnam in 1963. In-game, it usually has a three-round-burst. It is currently being phased out of the US army.



The AN-94 Abakan is a new gas-operated Russian assault rifle. It's adoption into Russian forces has been slow because of its complex design and the expenses required to produce it. It has two rates of fire. Two-shot burst or 1800 rounds per minute. It's anti-recoil mechanism allows it to fire two shots that will hit close together. This seems to be used by the insurgents in Black Ops 2.


A-91 Vepr

This is a bullpup assault rifle that was developed in Russia in the early 90s by the KBP (Russia's Federal Weapon Developer). This one is a compact gas-operated rifle and it comes equipped with a 40 mm grenade launcher.


The AK47 also featured in the footage that we've seen so far. That's probably not a huge surprise considering it has featured in MW3, Black Ops and MW2. The AK47 is a selective-fire gas-operated Russian assault rifle.


The SCAR-H was also spotted in the Black Ops 2 footage. Another weapon that has featured in a previous COD game. H stands for heavy. The SCAR-L currently features in MW3, with L standing for light. This is an assault rifle that was developed in Belgium and the USA. Fires a 7.62×51mm NATO cartridge.


Type 95 Black Ops 2

Another previous-game weapon that looks set to return in Black Ops 2. Often seen as an OP gun before they nerfed it a little. In-game, it was a burst-fire weapon. This one originates from the People's Republic of China. It has been in service since 1997. It has many different kinds of variants.


Apparently, the KH2002 was also spotted in the footage that was shown. Developed in Iran, its full name is the Khaybar KH2002. This one has a similar appearance to the Famas, so it wouldn't surprise me to find out that somebody mistakenly thought it was the KH2002. This one has been in service since 2004.


MP7 smg

This is an SMG that is wildly popular in the current COD game. A lot of people thought this "leaked screenshot" of the MP7 was fake until later footage of the multiplayer UI showed something similar. If this screenshot is real, it could also mean that Black Ops 2 will have the riot shield.

Vector K-10


Another gun that has featured in previous installments. This SMG tends to have low damage and a high rate of fire, with moderate recoil. Usually not a favorite but you never know how Treyarch will tweak it. As you can see from the screenshot above, the Vector K-10 is a weapon that can be picked up from a fallen foe.

Chicom QCB

Chicom CQB

This is an SMG that has a slight resemblance to the FMG because of the bar on top. Looks pretty small, which means that it could be a concealed weapon.



This was also seen in the multiplayer. This is an LMG that discharges 7.62×51mm NATO cartridges. Developed in Belgium and the USA. Production began in 2003. The manufacturer is FN Herstal. It has an effective range of up to 800 metres. Currently being used by the U.S. Special Operations Command. Tends to be used by Special Operations units.


LSAT stands for Lightweight Small Arms Technologies (the company that made it). This LMG was spotted in the behind the scenes footage. The program to develop this weapon began in 2004, after JSSAP challenged the US defence industry to create lighter fire arms and ammunition. This particular LMG has caseless ammunition. The LSAT has also received positive feedback in terms of recoil compensation / controlability.



This screenshot shows a soldier using a Kel-Tec KSG-12 shotgun. It looks as if Black Ops 2 will introduce the shotgun, which first appeared in MW3. This is a 12-gauge pump action shotgun that was designed and developed in the United States.

Storm PSR

The Storm PSR is a futuristic sniper rifle that needs to be charged before it is fired. In the footage that we were shown, this rifle has thermal sights that allows you to fire through surfaces. This would explain David Vonderhaar's Twitter question, which went somethings like: 'Wouldn't it be cool if you had a gun that allowed you to see campers through walls and wallbang them?' The longer this sniper is charged, the more penetration its shots actually have. This is a fictional weapon, which kind of makes sense, considering Black Ops 2 is set in the future (although the multiplayer might not be).

Here's a screenshot of the thermal capabilities of the Storm PSR:

Storm PSR


The AS-50 is a sniper rifle that was seen as being researched by Treyarch in E3's behind the scenes footage. It's full name is the Accuracy International AS50. In the current COD installment, it's a semi-automatic. This one was developed in Britain and it is a .50 BMG sniper that boasts high accuracy and range.


KAP 40

The KAP-40 appeared in E3's behind the scene footage and in the trailer cut scenes. In one instance, you could see the XBox 360 prompt: "Hold X Kap-40". This is a pistol that is also referred to as the KARD. It is a new weapon from Kriss Systems and boasts a fixed-barrel and a weight that tilts downwards during recoil. This means that the recoil is channeled in a way that pushes the nose of the gun down, which helps lessen the kick back.



The M1911, seen in this loading screen, is a semi-automatic handgun developed in the US. Designed by John Browning, it has been in service since 1911. It is currently being used by 28 nations. Also very popular among civilian competitive shooters.



A classic launcher that has appeared in most modern-based Call of Duty games. Here you can see the prompt "Hold X RPG". The RPG has always been a high-damage launcher that carries two rockets. While it's usually the most powerful free-aim launcher in the game, it lacks considerable accuracy.



Here's a screenshot of the FN FAL seen during E3. This is a selective battle rifle that was developed in Belgium. It has been in service since 1953 and is currently being used in over 90 different countries.

M249 SAW

Seen during the trailer, this LMG has appeared in the previous two Modern Warfare games. It looks as Treyarch intend on introducing a lot of the MW weapons to Black Ops 2. The M249 SAW was developed in Belgium and the USA. It has been in service since 1984. Currently, it is being used by the United States Armed Forces. This light machine gun has seen action in the Iraq War and Afghanistan.



A fan favorite from the original Black Ops, the IMI Galil is an Israeli-developed Assault Rifle. This weapon was first introduced back in 1972.

The information we have about the weapons / guns in Black Ops 2 has come from unverified sources. The information below came from a new user on a popular PS3 forum. This user listed a number of guns and perks and claimed that they came from an unnamed "inside source". Take this information with a pinch of salt.

Assault Rifles:
  • AK-47: The inclusion of the AK47 shouldn't come as a surprise, considering it has been included in every single COD game since Call of Duty 4. This is a gas-operated Assault Rifle that was developed in the USSR / Russia.
  • Ruger Mini-14: This is a lightweight semi-automatic carbine. It'll fire much like the FAL or the MK14. The Mini-14 was developed by the American firearms company Sturm.
  • T65 Assault Rifle: Developed by the armed forces in Taiwan, the T65 is used in a number of countries, including Libya and China.
  • Valmet M76: This is a gas-operated assault rifle of Finnish origins (Finland). Development of the Valmet M76 began in 1976. This is basically a modified version of the AK-47 (and it looks pretty similar).
  • M70: The Zastava M70 was developed in Yugoslavia in the 1970s. This is a selective-fire rifle. Currently used in a number of countries, including Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • R1 Rifle: This is similar to the FN Fal, which was a semi-automatic gun in MW2.
  • Commando: It looks as if the Commando will be returning in Black Ops 2. This is also referred to as the CAR-15. This was a pretty good weapon in the previous Black Ops. Good fire rate, manageable recoil. Obviously, Treyarch could have tweaked it.
  • AR-18: The Armalite AR-18 is a gas-operated selective fire assault rifle. Developed in the USA in 1963, this weapon has a number of different variants.
  • Valmet M60: The M60 was developed in Finland. This is also based on the AK47.
  • AK-63: This is a Hungarian service weapon that was developed in 1977. It is currently used in a number of countries, including Iran and Iraq. This has a heat shield and a vertical forward grip under the barrel.
  • AMD 65: This is another Hungarian assault rifle. AMD stands for Automatic Modified Landing Assault [weapon]. This was in service between 1967 and 2006.

SMGs / Submachine Guns

  • MP5SD: This is a variant of the MP5 SMG, which has featured in MW3, Black Ops and COD 4. Developed by Heckler and Koch in 1966. Currently used in hundreds of different countries (too long to list).
  • PA3(DM): This is an Argentine SMG. It's also called the FMK-3. It was produced in other to replace the ageing PAM 1 submachine gun.
  • SW M76: Also known as the Smith & Wesson M76. Developed by Smith & Wesson, this was produced between 1967 to 1974. This is a clone of the Carl Gustav M/45, which is a 9mm Swedish SMG.
  • Type 65: This is a Chinese-developed weapon that fires 1300 rounds per minute. It has a magazine capacity of 30 rounds. This is no longer in service and according to several sources, it was hard to fire.
  • UZI: Well, the UZI is back for Black Ops 2. This has been a popular SMG in many of the previous Call of Duty games.
  • Mini-UZI: Slightly different. Basically, it's a smaller version of the regular UZI (duh). These submachine guns were developed in Israel and are extremely popular around the world.
  • AKS-74U: Looks familiar, doesn't it? The AKS-74U is a variant of the AK-47. Although it's an Assault Rifle in real life, Call of Duty games tend to place the 74U into the SMG category, much to the annoyance of gun buffs. This is a shortened carbine version.
  • Mac 10: The Mac 10 featured in the previous Black Ops, so it wouldn't be a surprise to see it returning. This is described as an American-made machine pistol that was developed in 1970 and produced until 1975.
  • MPL: The MPL was also featured in the original Black Ops. It was a strange-looking gun with an extremely high rate of fire. 
  • Ares FMG: Heh! This weapon was first introduced in MW3. Labeled as overpowered, this folding machine pistol created havoc when equipped with the akimbo attachment. This was developed in America. This gun can be folded.


  • Model 590: This is also referred to as the Mossberg! It is a variant of the Mossberg 500, which was developed in the United States back in 1961. Currently used in Brazil and the USA.
  • Model 1300: This shotgun was developed by a company called Winchester Guns. 
  • Model 1100: The Remington Model 1100 is a gas-operated semi-automatic shotgun that originates from the United States. This is particularly popular among sportsmen.
  • Spas-12: The Spas-12 has been present in COD games since MW2. In Black Ops, it was particularly useful with the silencer. This is a combat shotgun and it was developed in Italy.
  • CAWS: The HK CAWS is a German select-fire personal shotgun. Development on it began in the early 1980s.
  • Stakeout: The Stakeout will be returning in Black Ops 2. This was a pump-action shotgun. It is a shorter version of the Ithaca 37, which originates from America.
  • Saiga-12: This is another combat shotgun. It is a 12-gauge that was made in Russia in the 1990s. It actually looks similar to the AK47 because it is based on Kalashnikov design.
  • Striker: This will be the first time the Striker has appeared in a Black Ops game. Made by Armsel in South Africa, this is a 12-gauge that usually appears as a semi-automatic shotgun in Call of Duty games.
  • Featherlight: Also known as the Ithaca Model 37. Originates from the USA. It's a pump-action.

Sniper Rifles

  • PSG-1: Produced by Heckler & Koch in Germany, the PSG-1 is a semi-automatic sniper rifle that also appeared in the previous Black Ops game.
  • PSL: This was made in Romania. It follows the same design as the Kalashnikov family. This is based on the RPK Light Machine gun. 
  • SVD: Also known as the SVD Dragunov. Looks like this will be returning for Black Ops 2. Made in the Soviet Union, it's a semi-automatic. To be honest, it's usually crap and nobody ever uses it!
  • Model 700: This is a bolt action sniper rifle that was developed by the firearms company Remington (USA). Production of the Model 700 began in 1962. It is still used in combat today.
  • M76: Last gun in this section: The Zastava M76 is another semi-automatic sniper rifle. This might be disappointing for a few people, as most COD players tend to like bolt-actions a bit more. This was developed in Yugoslavia in 1976.

LMGs / Light-Machine Guns

  • Type 67: We're getting a lot of Type's and Model's, aren't we? Maybe it's because Treyarch intend on providing us with a larger selection of weapons in Black Ops 2. Anyway, the Type 67 is a general all-purpose machine gun that was designed in 1959 in the People's Republic of China. This is known for it's slow reloading process.
  • Enfield L7: The Enfield L7 GPMG is another general purpose light machine gun. This gun was developed in Britain, and was built with the Belgian FN MAG in mind.
  • M240: A 7.62 mm machine gun that was designed in the USA and Belgium. This has been used by the United States Armed Forces since the 1980s. It is currently still in service.
  • AS70: The Beretta AS70/90 is an Italian Light Machine Gun. It uses a gas-operated, rotating-bolt system.

Pistols / Handguns

  • M973: This is a semi-automatic pistol that originates from Brazil. It is based on the American Colt M1911A1 pistol. Used by Brazilian army and special forced.
  • Steyr GB: The Steyr GB is another semi-automatic pistol that will apparently be in Black Ops 2. Designed in Austria in 1968. Used in Lebanon and Pakistan.
  • Skorpian: This is a strange one because the Skorpian is actually an SMG, not a handgun. Maybe Treyarch will be using some sort of variant?
  • MEU: The MEU(SOC) pistol was designed in the US in 1986. It is used by the United States Marine Corps. It is a semi-automatic.
  • Python: You probably remember this from the previous Black Ops game. This is a .357 Magnum caliber revolver that was developed by Colt's Manufacturing Company between 1955 and 1996. 

Explosives / Launchers etc

  • 9k32 Strela-2: The Strela 2 is a shoulder-fired surface to air missile launcher that will be returning for Black Ops 2. This is usually used to take down air support.
  • Stinger: The Stinger missile has appeared in MW2 and MW3 as a lock-on-only missile launcher. Developed in 1981 and officially referred to as the FIM-92 Stinger.
  • FIM-43 Redeye: This is a man-portable surface-to-air-missile was developed in the US. It was in service between 1968 and 1995. It was used in the Soviet War in Afghanistan.
  • Arwen 37: Strange. This is described as a non-lethal launcher that fires 37mm non-lethal rounds. Maybe Treyarch are experimenting or using some sort of variant/prototype? This originates from the UK.
  • M26 Grenades: Looks like regular frag grenades will be returning for Black Ops 2.
  • HG 84: This is another type of frag grenade that was made in Austria. Maybe Treyarch are trying to add more options into the explosives category?
  • M67 Grenade: Yet another frag grenade! Maybe grenades in Blops 2 will have different stats etc?
  • Sticky Grenade: Doesn't really need an explanation. These can't be thrown very far, but they stick to surfaces (and players) before exploding. A lot more accurate.
This list of weapons / guns will be updated and edited as more information and leaks are released.

For info about the next COD game, see the page on Advanced Warfare weapons.



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