Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Shock Charge

One of the first things that we get to see in the multiplayer reveal trailer is something called the shock charge. Basically, it's a throw-able piece of equipment that can stun / electrocute enemies and temporarily disable them. Here's a screenshot of it being thrown:

Shock Charge Black Ops 2

As you can see, it's a strange looking piece of equipment. When thrown near an enemy, it seems to incapacitate them:


Above is a picture of one player being shocked. You can clearly see the electrical pulse flowing through his body. It seems as if this piece of equipment might be the Black Ops 2 version of a stun grenade!


  1. It also seems to have a knife attached to it. Interesting to see whether it can kill an enemy if it hits directly. (but then what would be the point in tomahawks?)

    1. because u can have both on ur class

    2. not a knife. its the post thats charged and that the electricity flows around

  2. i think think the the tomohawk is way better