Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Here's an official video from the Treyarch Youtube channel of David Vonderhaar unboxing the Black Ops 2 Care Package and Hardened edition:

Hardened & Care Package Editions

Today, the Hardened and Care Package editions of Black Ops 2 were announced.

Hardened Edition

The Hardened Edition will include:
  • Nuketown Zombies and Nuketown 2025 Multiplayer Map
  • XBox Live "Claw Avatar" drop
  • Zombies Avatar Costume
  • Limited Edition "Challenge Coins"
  • A collectible "Steel Book"
  • The Official Black Ops 2 Soundtrack
  • Exclusive weapon camo
  • An exclusive playercard background.

Care Package Edition

The Care Package Edition will include everything in the Hardened Edition, as well as a remote-controlled MQ-29 Dragonfire drone that you can fly around.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

COD Points

Well, it's official. The COD currency point system that featured in the previous Treyarch game will not be returning in Black Ops 2. While speaking to NowGamer about the return of wager matches, David Vonderhaar said:
In Black Ops they were called Wager Matches, and there was the ‘gambling’ component. But those somewhat oddball, out-of-context, just kind of fun game modes are actually going to make a fairly significant return in Black Ops 2, as what we call Party Games.
He then went on to state that the currency system would no longer be involved:
Party games is how we think about that – we think about them as you and I just goofing off, having some fun in this arguably slightly silly game mode. We love making those game modes, and they’ll be a part of this game too. They just don’t have the mechanic of gambling in them in that way, because there are no CoD points.
In case you've no idea what COD points actually are: They were a currency system that allowed you to purchase weapons and attachments instead of unlocking them via leveling up. Many players disliked the system because they felt as if took the challenge away from earning weapons etc.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Custom Emblems

In a livestream at Gamescom, Treyarch developer David Vonderhaar confirmed that the emblem editor would be returning in Black Ops 2. The emblem editor allows players to create their own custom emblems using a selection of shapes and letters that they can select, colorize and layer over one another.  While some people are extremely happy about being allowed to express their creativity in-game, others have complained that it will just lead to more pictures of dongs and swastikas. What are your thoughts on custom emblems?

Friday, August 10, 2012

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

See Players Through Walls

A lot of discussion has been going on about the multiplayer reveal. However, one thing I've noticed is that not many people have picked up on the fact that one guy is able to see through walls and smoke. For example, look at this screenshot of the guy with the PDW 57:

through wall

As you can see, our guy can see the shape of an enemy player THROUGH the metal. It's a ghost-like figure, and he might not be too noticeable, but it IS a major thing for a COD game. Maybe this is one of the perks that will be in Black Ops 2?. It could also be the scope that allows him to see through walls and smoke etc.

Shock Charge

One of the first things that we get to see in the multiplayer reveal trailer is something called the shock charge. Basically, it's a throw-able piece of equipment that can stun / electrocute enemies and temporarily disable them. Here's a screenshot of it being thrown:

Shock Charge Black Ops 2

As you can see, it's a strange looking piece of equipment. When thrown near an enemy, it seems to incapacitate them:


Above is a picture of one player being shocked. You can clearly see the electrical pulse flowing through his body. It seems as if this piece of equipment might be the Black Ops 2 version of a stun grenade!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Multiplayer Reveal Trailer

UPDATE: Here's the actual trailer:

The long-awaited Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Reveal trailer will be officially released tomorrow. Last Friday, the Call of Duty Twitter account announced that the official trailer would be released on Tuesday the 7th of August, much to everyone's excitement. Speaking on Twitter, the official COD account tweeted:
In just 4 days, we reveal #BlackOps2MP. RT if you’re ready to see Multiplayer in action.
While everyone likes seeing single player reveals, the vast majority of Call of Duty fans tend to impatiently await the release of multiplayer details.