Saturday, April 28, 2012

Is the plane in the new teaser image the Avenger?

Yesterday, the Call of Duty website released another blurry teaser image. This time around, it looks to be some sort of plane. While others have guessed that it is a Spy Plane or a Blackbird, Reddit user millionsofplankton believes that it is in fact, the Predator C (now known as the General Atomics Avenger). This seems plausible as it would fall into line with Treyarch's choice of the Quadrotor. Reason being: Both the Quadrotor and the Predator C are pieces of technology that are currently being tested. i.e. both will be used in the near future. Here is a picture of the teaser image showing the Predator C:

Avenger Black Ops

And here is an actual picture of the Predator C / General Atomics Avenger in real life:

Black Ops 2 avenger

As you can see, the shape of both planes match up perfectly. The Avenger / Predator C is an unmanned combat drone. This begs the question, will it be a killstreak?


  1. More reasons y BO2 is set in the future...

  2. How can that look like he Blackbird you can tell cause of the tail of the plane.