Thursday, April 26, 2012

The enemy could be anywhere and it could be anyone

The Call of Duty website released its latest teaser image today:

Black Ops 2 The enemy could be anywhere teaser

As you can see, it says: "The enemy could be anywhere and it could be anyone". At first, I was left scratching my head. Pretty cryptic stuff, to say the least. However, if you take it for granted that the weapon list and perk list "leak" last week was actually authentic, then the "Spy Perk" would certainly explain away this teaser image.

According to the "leak", Spy does the following:

Spy allows you to appear on the enemy's mini-map as a friend. i.e. You'll show up as a green team mate on the mini-map.


  1. Theres no way that that list is true. It probably just a famous quote from some person who will be in the game.

  2. Ya COD would never put something dumb in a game right?...XD

    1. why would you be on this site if u didnt like COD???

  3. It means its taking place in the same time period as the soviet union spys...if you know you history soviet russians were spys and us leaders said this quote all the time! you are all nip wads just saying

  4. this could be true. It eliminates ghost in a way that it is not o.p. But what i think it is, is that it could be tied into the storyline/campaign. Playing as a character who has lost past memory or something. p.s tacitus is 'black ops 2 weapons manufacturer', this was posted on but way taken down.

  5. If you look, the L in could turns to a Z at times, the E in be turns to a Q, and the first e in anywhere, well, I cant make out what letter it is, it moves to fast.

  6. you'll see on your map that there is 7 green arrow then you start shooting your friends to discover the spy :D

  7. In my opinion, this could mean that sleeper agents could play a big part in the new black ops. Remember that mason was a sleeper agent and the bad guy (forget his name) tried to make him kill the president. Right at the end of black ops 1 the bad guy said "tried" in a sarcastic voice. So this could mean that a new broadcast station called "Tacitus" has come out around 2020. They relay the broadcast numbers from the first game and mason tries to destroy the company with the help of hudson and weaver. THIS IS MY THEORY AND PLOT FOR THE CAMPAIGN