Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Leaked multiplayer information

Apparently, some information about the Black Ops 2 multiplayer has been leaked. This "leak" and the multiplayer info it (supposedly) contained has been posted on thousands of blogs and gaming forum boards around the Internet. Be sure to take it all with a pinch of salt.


A new game mode called Escort will be added to Black Ops 2. My guess is that this is similar to the VIP game mode that failed to make it into the final version of MW2. In this game mode, players must protect one of their own players from the enemy team. If the name is anything to go by; it's safe to assume that you and your team mates might have to "Escort" one of your players to a specific point on the map. Enemy players will (obviously) be trying to stop you.

According to the leak, Escort will be similar to Search and Destroy in the sense that there are multiple rounds and you only have one life per round.

Kill Confirmed in Black Ops 2

Kill Confirmed made it's first appearance in MW3. According to the leak, it will be returning in Black Ops 2. This wouldn't really come as a surprise to be honest, seeing as how popular Kill Confirmed turned out to be.

Drop Zone in Black Ops 2

Apparently, Drop Zone will also be returning. Drop Zone is a community game mode on MW3 where specific points on the map must be held by a team while choppers drop multiple care packages. Chaotic is one word to describe it!

Infection in Black Ops 2?

Unfortunately, the leak said that Infection would not be returning. In MW3, Infection/Infected is a game mode where infected players have to kill the regular players with knives and throwing knives. Once a regular player is killed, he or she also becomes infected. The game continues until the timer runs out or nobody is left as a regular player. The leak also said that Team Defender would not be returning in Black Ops 2.


Pointstreaks will be in Black Ops 2. This means that capping flags and doing other objectives will add points to your killstreak. In the past, only kills added to your killstreak (obviously).

This time, there will be an even larger emphasis on objectives. For example, capping a neutral flag will add one point to your killstreak whereas capping an enemy flag will add TWO points to your killstreak.

Specialist in Black Ops 2

Apparently, the Specialist strike package will be returning in Black Ops 2. This allows you to earn perks instead of regular killstreaks. However, the version in Black Ops 2 will be slightly modified from MW3's version. After 2 kills, you will be given 1 perk. After 4 kills, you will be given 2 extra perks. After 6 kills, you'll get 3 more perks. After 8 kills, you'll get 4 more perks. You DO NOT get every perk in the game like you do in MW3. Apparently, Treyarch consider this to be unbalanced.


The RC XD (remote control car) will not be returning as a killstreak in Black Ops 2. In the previous game, it was a 3 killstreak (2 if you used Hardline). This was particularly annoying in Ground War lobbies.

Heat Vision in Black Ops 2

Apparently, a new featured called "Heat Vision" will be added to the game. It will be a poinstreak/killstreak. After earning this killstreak, your player will take out a scope and add it to his or her weapon. This heat vision will then allow you to see through walls whenever you're aiming down your sights. My guess is that this will be countered by some sort of variation of the Ghost perk. This heat vision scope can only be attached to primary weapons (but not Shotguns).

Item Packages

You've already heard of Care Packages. Well now; they'll be introducing "Item Packages". These Item Packages will give you things like ammo, mini gun, grenade launcher, rocket launcher and body armour. The Item Package will drop alongside care packages and air drop traps / decoy care packages.

How many prestiges will there be in Black Ops 2

According to the leak, Black Ops 2 will have 15 prestige levels. There will be at least 50 ranks per prestige level. After every two prestiges, an extra 5 ranks are added. For example, on prestige 1, there are 50 ranks, whereas on prestige 3, there are 55 ranks that you must level up through.

MOAB in Black Ops 2

Unfortunately, the leak says that the MOAB will NOT be returning in Black Ops 2. In case you didn't know, MOAB stands for Mother Of All Bombs and it's an unselectable killstreak that can be earned by getting 24 gun kills (without dying). The MOAB, after it's called in - will kill everyone on the enemy team.

The Nuke will also not be in Black Ops 2

Last Stand removed

Last Stand / Second Chance has been removed from the game. These perks gave the player the chance to get back up from what would have been death.

Flame Thrower

The Flame Thrower will not be returning to Black Ops 2, apparently.

Death Streaks

Death Streaks will also not be returning. Death Streaks are earned after a player has been killed a number of times in a row. They are intended to help bad players / novice players a chance to break a streak of deaths.

Map Design

Apparently, maps will be the same size/design they were in the previous Blops.

Sniper Rifles

Sniper Rifles in Black Ops 2 will not be given aim assist. However, the sway that existed in previous games is now gone.


One perk will no longer define what your player looks like. Instead, your appearance will be based on a number of perks. The type of killstreaks you're using will also define what your character looks like in-game.

Hardcore Mode

More attention will be given to the Hardcore game modes this time around. No grenade launchers will be allowed in hardcore. Only vehicle guided launchers (Javelin, Stinger) will be allowed. The respawn timing delay will be decreased a bit. 1 bullet in the foot will no longer kill a player. Instead, a 1 shot kill will have to be dealt to the head or chest. If a player is severly injured, they will bleed out.

Perk System

Apparently, the perks in Black Ops 2 will work differently than before. Before you have the regular variant of a perk and a pro variant. The pro variant had to be earned via a number of challenges. However, this time around, there will be two possible pro versions of each perk and you'll be given an option of which one you want to use. Both versions will require different challenges to unlock them.

In Tier One, a perk called Speed exists. This acts like Quickdraw / Sleight of Hand Pro and allows you to aim down your sights much faster. Pro Version One allows you to swap weapons faster, whereas Pro Version Two allows you to use equipment faster (stun grenades etc).

Combat Training

Combat Training will be returning. This time around, the Bots will have an advanced AI system that is more similar to the enemies found in MW3 survival mode. Difficulty will not be based on how fast it takes the bots to aim at you.


  1. will team killing come back

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  3. You were incorrect in ur descriptions of the guns. The type 25 and type 95 are real life chinese weapons. They are from the qbz line often called type whatever based on the variant.

  4. And this was a load of shit.